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Aciera #F-1, universal precision milling machine, .33 HP, 1985

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Aciera
Model: F-1
Stock #: 2343
Price: $14,500.00

Dealer Information

Rohner Machinery Sales Inc
2430 Cypress Way
Fullerton, CA 92831-5100

Contact: Chris Rohner
Tel: 714-441-1527
Fax: 714-441-1557

Gold Level Dealer Since 2000

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Detailed Product Description

Aciera F1 Universal Precision Milling Machine
Stock Number: 2343

Aciera F1
Serial No. 18547
Age: 1985
Condition: Excellent
Price: $14,500

Milling Head The milling head is a single unit, including the motor, gear box and cutter spindle. It can be mounted horizontally, or vertically by means of one of the vertical supports; these supports can swivel to left or right and one of them also tilts forwards and backwards. The machine is therefore universal in the true sense of the word. Accuracy The cutter spindle, with provision for W 12 collets and spindle inserts, is hardened and ground and runs free from play in high precision pre-loaded bearings. The feedscrews are of special steel and have a ground thread. The 3 slides have ground and scraped prismatic-section slideways and any play is taken up by tapered gib-strips. These are some of the features which permit the "toolmaker's accuracy" of  /- .0.01 mm (.0004"). Work-holding Accessories The work-holding accessories, such as the plain table and, by the intermediary of the swivel support, the universal table, the rotary table, the vices and the dividing heads, are mounted on a dove-tail section on the horizontal slide, which permits their displacement along it, and also effectively doubles the horizontal traverse. Fine Feed by Feedscrew or Rapid Feed by Lever The slides may be traversed either by feedscrews or levers, dependent on the application of the machine. The changeover from one method to the other is effected by clamping or unclamping the feedscrew nuts. The graduated drums read to 0.01 mm (.0004"). Vertical Compensation by Spring The vertical slide is equipped with an adjustable compensating spring, which guarantees lightness of vertical traverse irrespective of the load on the table.

Specification      Description
Longitudinal travel of the table      3.94"
Vertical Travel of the Table       5.90"
Transverse movement of the headstock      2.95"
Graduated feedscrew drums, 1-div      .0005"
Movement of quill in its housing      1.97"
Pitch of feedscrews (mm or tpi)       2mm (10 tpi)
Headstock movement , 1-turn of crank handle      .01"
Long movement, 1-turn of crank handle       .01"
Vert movement, 1-turn of crank handle       .050"
Cutter spindle clamping collet, shank dia      .47"
Plain Table - horizontal spindle axis      .39" (Min) to 6.3" (Max)
Plain table - Vertical Spindle Nose distance      0-6.89" max
Plain Table Clamping Area      8.66" x 3.94"
Collet clamping range, bore dia      1/16" to 3/8"
Spindle Speed Range      125-250-500-1000-2000-4000 rpm
Max Cutter diameter      2.28"
Motor       .33HP
Motor Speed       2800 rpm
Machine dimensions      24" x 22" x 55"H
Machine weight       500 lbs

Equipped With:
Vertical & Horizontal Capability Welded Steel Cabinet Base with Storage Machine Lamp Standard Vertical Support Spindle (22) W12 Collets Plain Table 4.72" Rotary Table Attachment Swivel Support Attachment Rotating 2.16" Vise Attachment Simple Dividing Head (No indexing arbor) Spindle Dividing Head Center Support Rapid Feed Levers 5C Collet Indexing Head (Non-Aciera) 5C Collet Clamping Fixture (Non-Aciera) Various Table clamping Tools Manuals