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Citizen #M20V (3M5), Cincom M6B, 3/4", gang-turret, 10-Axis, Y-Axis turret, 2006

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Citizen
Model: M20V
Stock #: 403812
Price: Request a Price

Dealer Information

Automatics & Machinery Co Inc
150 Martin St.
Longmont, CO 80501
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Contact: Steve Beck
Tel: 303-651-6545
Fax: 303-651-6556

Gold Level Dealer Since 1989

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Detailed Product Description

"To the best of our knowledge all details listed below are deemed correct.
It is the buyer's responsibility to confirm prior to purchase."

Equipped With:
LNS HYS 3.20 HS-4.8 Hydrodynamic Bar Feed**
Cool Blaster High Pressure Coolant
Cool Blaster 850 Mist Collector
Tooling, excellent package OD, ID & live tool holders
CINCOM TP1000 Tool Setter

**CINCOM CAV-20 Magazine Bar Loader .. NOT CURRENTLY INSTALLED .. price on req

Additional asscessories and tooling also available. Ask for quotes 
=Citizen TP1000 presetter 
=CTF110 Turning tool holders 
=CDF101 Drill Sleeve Holder 
=CDF201 Double Drill Sleeve Holders 
=KSC101 Cross Drills  
=KSE101 End Drills 

CNC Control: Cincom M6B (Mitsubishi 635LCC)
Axes: X1,Y1,Y2,Z1,C1,X2,Z2,C2,X3,Z3 (misc Axes: TI, A1,A2,A3)

Max. machining diameter: 3/4" (20mm)
Max. machining length per chucking: 12.59" (320mm)
Main spindle speeds: 200 - 10,000 rpm
Rotary tool speeds: (turret & gang plate): 200 - 5000 rpm
Backworking: Max. chucking dia: 3/4" (20mm)
Max. backwork length: 5.70" (145mm)
Max. drilling/tapping: M8
Back spindle speeds: 200 - 8000 rpm
Tooling Set-up: Turret tooling: 12 (24 in half index mode)
Turret Y-Axis
Gang-tool tooling: 5 turning   4 rotary
Back working tool post: 3 (  rear facing tools on turret)
Tool sizes: Gang tooling / turret: 16 x 16 x 130mm / 16 x 16 x 90mm
Motors: Main spindle drive: 5 / 7.5 hp
Rotary tool / Back Spindle Motors: 2 hp / 3HP
Height & Dimensions (approx.): 6100 lbs / 110" x 50" x 72"h

Note: Local Citizen service technician available for Inspection .... POR.