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WASHERS, PARTS (Washing Machines)

Alliance Aquamaster #CB-3600X, conveyorized parts cleaning system with wash, rust inhibit & heated dryer, 2008

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Alliance
Model: CB-3600X
Stock #: 11942
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Dealer Information

CNC Exchange div. Gray Machinery Co.
77 E Palatine Rd
Prospect Heights, IL 60070-1811

Contact: Glenn Gray
Tel: 847-537-7700
Fax: 847-537-9307
Cell: 847-951-7701
Gold Level Dealer Since 1966

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Detailed Product Description


Machine configuration (3) Module Conveyoried Layout
(1) Wash Module
(2) Rust Inhibit Module
(3) Heated Blow-off Module
Conveyor Dimensional Capacity:
36" wide x 6" high product opening (Machine is capable of 12" High Product Height).
Load/Discharge height is 3'4".
Conveyor System:
36"wide, 1"x1" Flat wire Stainless steel belt is supported by stainless steel rollers and
UHMW/PTFE slide rails. Stainless steel flights on approx. 24" centers are utilized to
maintain transfer of parts through the system. One (1) .75 HP variable speed drive w/jam
protection provides power to the conveyor. Conveyor speed is infinitely adjustable between 1-
Tank Construction:
Constructed of 10 gauge, Type 304 stainless steel. External welds are ground snag free and
surfaces are glass beaded for a satin finish. Tank bottom is sloped with one (1) 2-1/2" NPT
(male), split type drian for complete drainage. One (1) 2" (male) overflow pipe is provided.
Canopy Construction:
Canopy is constructed of 1/8" thick fiberglass. Alliance's exclusive "fulAcess" canopy
provides quick and easy access to entire interior of the machine (US Patent No.
5,630,435). Accessto interio ris obtained by removing liftoff canopy segments. Depending
upon length of segment, two (2) people may be required for easy removal. Fiberglass
construction offers insulate and sound dampening qualities. canopy exterior is slightly textured
with gel coat finish for wipe down capability. A sensor is located in each spray zone for
pump shutoff protection. Should a canopy segment be removed while a pump is on, the
sensor detects canopy movement and shuts the pump off, if a segment is off, the respective
pum is disabled.
Wash Module:
Tank Capacity (Nominal) 430 Gallons
One (1) 75 HP Vertical style Gusher iron pump rated 120 GPM @ 30 PSI. Tilizes heavy-
osduty construction with seal-less design below the 18" long x 24" wide x 1/2" thick tank top
moutning plate. Discharge pipin (1-1/2") includes dual throttling valves and 0-60 PSI liquied
filled pressure gauges.
Spray System:
Spray zone length is 4'0", Multiple Bex/K-ball 1-1/2" spray nozzles positioned on top, bottom,
and sides offer 360 deg spray completely sorroudning the conveyor. Nozzles are adjustable
and clip on for easy maintenance. Removable 1-1/2" Stainless steel spray tubes are couples to
a stainless steel spray header.
Solution Heat (Gas):
One (1) Maxon Tube-O-Therm Burner, Operating temperature of 140-150 degrees.
Dryer Air System: High velocity air
High Velocity Blower:
One (1) 20 HP, 3,500 RPM New Yor Blower producess 3,200 CFM air valume
Heat Source 250,000 BTU/hr.
Exaust Fan 700 CFM @3.3"s.p.
Overall Dimensions:
Length 24'2"
Width 6'7"
Height 5'2"
Height with control cabinet 6'0"
New Price $250,000