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Blohm Profimat #MC-607, CNC creep feed profile grinder, 80 HP, Fanuc 18i, coolant system, overhead diamond dresser, 2002

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Blohm
Model: MC-607
Stock #: 12123
Price: Request a Price

Dealer Information

CNC Exchange div. Gray Machinery Co.
77 E Palatine Rd
Prospect Heights, IL 60070-1811

Contact: Glenn Gray
Tel: 847-537-7700
Fax: 847-537-9307
Cell: 847-951-7701
Gold Level Dealer Since 1966

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Detailed Product Description


Column Travel longitudinal, Max. X-Axis 27.5"
Column Speed, Electro-mechanical 0.98-984 IPM
Cross Travel, Automatic Max. Z-Axis 13"
Wheelhead infeed, Automatic minimum 0.000050"
Wheelhead travel Vertical Y-Axis 21.5"
Grinding Spindle drive, A.C 80 HP from 1500 RPM
Grinding Wheel width, Max. With ganged wheels 20"x8"x8"
Floor Space required 6.6'x13'x8.5'
Machine weight approx. 15,000 lbs.
X-Axis (Machine Column - Longitudinal Traverse)
Guide-ways preloaded anti-friction guideway
Feed System Recirculating Ball Screw
Drive System A.C. Servo Motor
Speed 0.98 - 984 IPM
Position measurements Direct Encoder
Input/output resolution 0.000050"
Y-Axis (Grinding Wheel Head-Vertical Traverse)
Guideways Preloaded antifriction guideway
Feed system Recirculating ball screw
Drive System A.C. Servo Motor
Speed 0.16-148 IPM
Position Measurements Linear glass measuring scale
Input/output resolution 0.000050"
Z-Axis (Cross Traverse)
Guideways Preloaded antifriction guideway
Feed system Recirculating ball screw
Drive System A.C. Servo Motor
Speed 0.16- 157 IPM
Position Measurements Linear Glass Measuring Scale
Input/Output resolution 0.000050"
C-Axis (Grinding Spindle Drive) 80 HP from 1500 RPM
Grinding Spindle Speed Infinitely variable in a range of 45-7000 RPM
Drive Direct via Flexible Coupling
Grinding Spindle high precision cartridge-type spindle, diameter 5.5"
Lubrication Pregreased and sealed for life
Machine Control
GE Fanuc 18i with Integrated PLC for machine axes (X, Y and Z)
Grinding Cycles
L 936 Plunge cut grinding, with manual feed
L 935 Surface grinding, manual with continuous cross feed
L 933 Plunge cut grinding, with intermittent down feed and sparking out
L 934 Surface grinding, with intermittent down feed and sparking out
L 993 Jog to operation range limits
L 994 Jog to loading position
L 930 Creep feed grinding
Dressing Cycles
L 941 Dressing w/single point diamond form machine table
Linear Interpolation with 3 axes out of 3 (X, Y & Z)
Circular Interpolation with 2 Axes out of 3 (X,Y &Z)
NC Program Memory 64kB
Serial interface RS 232 C at the control Panel
Calculation & Compensation of Dressing Amounts
Automatic travel into home position
Feed rate override for all NC-Axes
Inch input system
9.5" LCD Monitor, Monochrome
Information in clear text
Programmable operation range limits
Battery Back-up for machine cycles and parameters
Free-standing movable control panel in front of machine
Portable impulse generator to facilitate machine set-up
Standard Equipment
Totally enclosed illuminated work area
Coolant nozzle at right side of the wheel head
(1) Grinding wheel guard for grinding wheels Max. Diameter 20"x8"
(1) Grinding wheel flange, for wheels diameter 20", Bore 8", Clamping width 2"-8"
(1) Set of Leveling pads
Electrical installation for 400 volts, 60 cycles, control voltage 24 volts

Equipped with:

Switch to permit grinding wheel circumferential (cutting) speed higher than 45 m/s. The key-switch as per item 8213004 permits a circumferential speed of grinding wheel up to 45 m/s. By use of the key-switch item 8213008 additionally, the range is extended for higher speeds than 45 m/s. The maximum required circumferential cutting speed has to be stated.
Mechanical & electrical preparation for installation of profile dressing attachments on the machine table consisting of necessary electrical units, cable connection and 2 plugs. One contour dressing attachment PEA-TLR40 with two drive motors or one profile dressing attachment PEA-TL/R 100/150/200 can be connected. Direction of rotation of drive motors selectable via control panel or program.
Return pump station for machine PROFIMAT MC, for returning dirty water to coolant filtration plant, consisting of 1 No. torque-flow pump featuring a mechanical seal, free from wear, and protection against dry running. Scope of supply also includes pipe connection between machine's coolant water exit channel and pump, as well as between pump and dirty water tank of coolant filtration plant. Operating voltage 400 volts, 50/60 cycles.
Extractor fitting degree 200mm for an emulsion mist exhaust system.
Three-phase transformer for machine Profimat with grinding spindle drive up to 80 HP and coolant unit. Built-in separate cabinet. Primary voltage 480 V  /- 10% 50/60 Hz. In case of major voltage fluctuation, voltage stabilizers are required.
Chiller for electrical cabinet, to be used at an ambient temperature exceeding 95 deg F (Max 113 deg F)
Automatic Compensation coolant Nozzles for right hand side of wheel head to maintain constant position in relation to the grinding wheel. Nozzle position compensates at dress.
Grinding Cycle L951 Radius grinding convex or concave in creep-feed mode, up-cut or down cut grinding.
Grinding Cycle L952 Radius grinding in creep feed mode CD
Wheelhead mounted diamond profile roll dressing attachment for utilizing the machine with continuous dress creep feed grinding.
Feed system recirculating ball screw
Drive system (infeed of roll) A.C. Servo Motor
Speed (infeed of roll) 0.04-40 IPM
Distance grinding spindle center to diamond roll center 6.25"-11.25"
Position Measurement Linear glass measuring scale
Input/output resolution 0.000050"
Diamond roll arbor bearing precision roller bearing/outboard support
Diamond roll arbor exchangeable, together w/diamond roll permanently installed
Diamond roll drive A.C. drive, 12 HP
Speed of diamond roll Max. 6000 RPM
Profile width of diamond roll Max. 200 mm with recessed grinding wheels
O.D. Diamond Roll Max. 6.00"
Bore 35mm
Coolant supply from one side only