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Omax #MAXIEM-1530, 5' x10', 30 HP direct drive pump, water level control, PC based control, '18

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Omax
Model: MAXIEM-1530
Intensifier HP: 30
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Dealer Information

Zimmerman-McDonald Machinery Inc
2272 Weldon Pkwy
Saint Louis, MO 63146-3206

Contact: Brad Zimmerman
Tel: 314-291-9360
Fax: 314-291-2981

Gold Level Dealer Since 1982

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Detailed Product Description

Used Maxiem Model 1530 5’ x 10’ Abrasive Waterjet Cutter

Manufactured 2018, Approximately 1,300 Hours

Table Size:                        146x 68"
Cutting Capacity:                   120" x 62"
Parking Area for Carriage for Loading:       29"
Z-Axis Travel                        12" Programmable
Table Support Load                  300 Lbs Sqr/Ft
Material Support Slats:                  4" x 14 Ga. Galvanized Steel (34)
Rapid Traverse Speed:                  500" IPM
Drive System:                        Closed Loop Linear Drive System w/ 1 Micron Resolution
Direct Drive Pump Horsepower:            30 HP
Pump Pressure:                        50,000 PSI
Nozzle Configuration:                  0.014" Orifice, 0.030"/4" Mixing Tube
Garnet Feed System:                  Gravity Feed 15 lbs. Hopper
Computer:                        PC Based w/ Wide Screen Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse      
Software:                        Omax Intelli-Max Basic Control Software
Footprint:                        169"L x 130"W x 126" H (Without Controller)
Weight:                              4,000 Lbs.
Operating Weight:                  15,700 Lbs.

•      Windows PC Based Controller
•      Wide Screen Monitor
•      Mobile Control Station With Splash Shield, E-Stop, & Pause Button
•      Network Compatible
•      Hub Control for Ease at Adding Future Accessories
•      USB Ports for Quick File Loading/Backup

•      OMAX Intelli-MAX Software Designed Specifically for Waterjet Cutting
•      CAD/CAM Software Included with Easy to Use Drawing Library
•      Ability to Import Popular CAD Format Files
•      Intelli-Visor – Ability to monitor up to 200 different machine function for increased productivity

The Omax Intelli-MAX Software Suite, which includes Layout and Make, (Cad & Cam Software), is revolutionary machine control software written specifically for abrasive waterjet systems and simplifies control of the jet stream while cutting. From producing drawings in Layout, to utilizing Generation 3 Cutting Model calculations in Make, the state-of-the-art Intelli-MAX software brings optimal efficiency to your MAXIEM cutting activities. This software provides ease of programing without operator intervention during the cutting process.

The Intelli-MAX Advantage:
•      Faster cutting and higher precision than all competitor control software in its class
•      Operates on widely compatible Windows® operating systems
•      Fast and easy programming with MAXIEM's built-in CAD/CAM system or program using nearly any popular CAD/CAM system
•      Built-in cutting models and automatic cutting strategies, the software provides the fastest cutting and highest precision in its class, while minimizing consumables for the lowest cost parts

•      Exclusive Intelli-Trax AbrasiveJet Linear Drive System Designed Specifically for Waterjets
•      Brushless Servo Motors & Drive Closed Loop Feedback For High Positioning & Accuracy
•      0.000039" (1 micron) Resolution Drive System for High Accuracy, Smooth Motion, Low Maintenance
•      Motorized Z-Axis with Heads Up Traverse Available

•      High Efficient 30 HP OMAX Variable Speed Pump Delivering the Most JET Horsepower at the Nozzle
than Other Types of Waterjets
•      50,000 PSI While Providing Faster Cutting than Other Waterjets with Higher Pressure Pumps
•      Wired 3/60/460 Volt Only

The MAXIEM pump offers the same Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) capability of the OMAX market leading pump, giving you the flexibility to adjust the motor's RPM for high and low pressure operations. MAXIEM direct drive pump technology delivers the same high reliability found in proven OMAX pump technology.

MAXIEM pumps are the latest in direct drive plunger pump technology, designed for tough industrial use. Engineered for optimal efficiency, the MAXIEM pump delivers more than 85% of the electrical input power to the cutting nozzle. This translates into less energy usage, faster cutting speed per unit of input power, and lower cost per finished part than other pump technologies.

•      Water Level Control (Cutting Under Water Greatly Reduces Noise & Splash)
•      Mobile Multi Drawer Control Station with Wide Screen Display, Splash Shield, E-Stop & Pause Pendent
•      Durable Abrasive Feed System
•      OMAX Nozzle
•      OMAX High Efficient Low Noise Variable Speed Direct Drive Pump
•      OMAX Intelli-MAX Basic CAD/CAM Control & Software
•      X-Axis Industrial Drive Covers
•      Safety Torque Sensing Drives to Protect Motion System
•      Intelli-Visor Monitor System for Predictable Maintenance and Ease of Operation

FOB: St. Louis, MO

Options Available At Additional Charge
•      Setup & Training*
•      Preventative Maintenance*
•      ALL current Maxiem accessories are available for this machine. Let us customize the machine to match YOUR specific needs.
•      (1) Month of free phone support*
•      Parts in stock St. Louis, MO

*Available by Zimmerman-McDonald Machinery Omax factory trained technicians. We have over 21 years of Omax waterjet experience.

Respectfully submitted,
Zimmerman-McDonald Machinery, Inc.

Brad Zimmerman