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Z.Bavelloni Edgar #102-S0, CNC horiz grinding machine, X-3300mm, Y-1550mm, Z-200mm,1996, #10437

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Z.bavelloni
Model: 102-S0
Stock #: 10437
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Dealer Information

Westbrook Engineering Co
23501 Mound Rd
Warren, MI 48091-2048
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Contact: Sales Dept.
Tel: 866-367-7297
Fax: 586-759-3106

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Detailed Product Description

Brand: Z. Bavelloni
Model: 102-S
Table working surface: 111
Machine dimensions: 6500mm (L) x 2200mm (W) x 2500mm (H)
Height of working plane: 800mm
X-axis stroke: 3300mm
Y-axis stroke: 1550mm
Z-axis stroke: 200mm
Weight: 7000 kg
Worktable dimensions: 3200mm (L) x 1450mm (W) x 160mm (H)
Edging specifications:
Minimum thickness: 2mm
Maximum thickness: 90mm
Maximum suggested thickness: 40mm
Drilling specifications:
Minimum dia. of core drill: 3mm
Maximum dia. of core drill: 130mm
Maximum drillable thickness: 50mm
Milling specifications:
Maximum dia. of mill tool: 25mm
Maximum drillable depth: 50mm
Hollowing specifications:
Maximum dia. of mill tool: 130mm
Maximum workable depth: 140mm
Writing and decoration specification: Minimum tool diameter: 3mm
Maximum tool diameter: 130mm
Machine power: 26 HP/20 KW
Maximum spindle power: 13 HP/9.6 KW
Spindle speed: 0 -/- 12000 rpm
Features and Equipment Originally Shipped w/ Machine:
• NUM Telemecanique NC model 1060 S-II-W with 10” color screen and automatic control of all working parameters up to 254 tools.
• Worktable with stainless duraluminum pads for positioning and clamping of suction cups by bolts.
• 28 position tool store
• Safety photocells
• 2 Stainless steel tanks for closed circuit water recycling (cooling water)
• Automatic probe embodied in the operating head to survey profiles directly in the machine (from template)
• Remote control panel to facilitate tracer positioning on the slab.
• Hewlett Packard personal computer, Pentium 75 Mhz (prearranged); 8MB of RAM; 610MB hard drive, MS DOS & Windows
• Bench caliper for wheel interaxis
• Connection bavles between PC and NC up to 10m distance
• Voltage stabilizer for NC;  /- 20% input,  /- 1% output
• Air cooling system for electric cubicle
• EasyCAD software developed in Windows environment by Z. Bavelloni, including:
฀ Software for slanted/flat polished plane
฀ Software for the execution of internal contour of slanted/flat polished plane
฀ Software for outside/inside edge grinding
฀ Software for optimization of polishing wheel use
฀ Software for drilling
฀ Software for writing in 5 character styles
฀ Software for milling
฀ Software for vertical oscillation of mill tools and cylindrical wheels
฀ Software for surface hollowing (pocket working)
฀ Software for grooving
฀ Software for step grooving
฀ Software for the positioning of suction cups and centering devices on the work table ฀ Software to calculate working time and costs
฀ Software for visualize tool path on NC screen
฀ Software to check and control polishing wheels’ wear
M Software for path optimization during tool change operation
M Software for arrising after drilling
M Software to prevent slab breakage
M (11) cone preassemblies for wheels with 22mm hole (
M (1) cone preassembly for mill tool (
M (2) head assemblies with internal water for core drills (
M (1) special tool to use polishing wheels with 12 hole (
M (12) suction cup assemblies (90mm for standard table (bolted) for smooth table (vacuum) (
M (4) suction cups (120mm) for standard table (bolted) ( for smooth table (vacuum) (
M (2) oval suction cups (100x36mm) with clamping parallel to the suction cup for standard table (bolted) ( for smooth table (vacuum)
M (2) oval suction cups (100x36mm) with clamping at 90 deg. To the suction cup for standard table (bolted) ( for smooth table
(vacuum) (
M (6) centering devices with 90mm suction cup for standard table (bolted) ( for smooth table (vacuum) (
• (1) immersion water pump
• (1) vacuum pump
• (1) NC instruction manual
• CAD and machine maintenance instruction manual
• (1) compressed air gun and relevant pipe
• (1) tool to mount and dismount wheels from cones
• (1) kit including tools and wrenches for maintenance
Applications: For edge finishing, polishing and cutting marble and granite.
• Inside/Outside edging with final polishing
• Pocketing of straight and slanted tops with final polishing
• Deep pockets (sink obtained from a block)
• Drilling
• Milling
• Engravings: geometrical/artistic drawings, writing
• Bas-relief (with EASYMOULD-software – optional)
*Originally Equipped with:
• No. 1 automatic horizontal presetter managed by the CNC   software to survey diameter of wheels (code: 120012200)
• No. 1 automatic vertical presetter managed by the CNC   software to survey tools height (code: 120012400)
• Piece-holding table (fixed inclination 0.5 deg) for slanted plane working including 16 special suction-cups of different type for slab clamping and a
complete set of wheel cone preassemblies for the execution of slanted/flat polished plane (code: 120032400)
• (2) boosters for serial line connection between PC and CNC (from 10 to 300m)   100m cable (code: 240501200)
• Special loader for heavy slabs (code: 120024500)
• One cabinet of miscellaneous tooling
“AS-IS, WHERE-IS”, subject to inventory inspection