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Nakamura Tome #NTJX, 6" chuck, 2" & 2.5" bar, dealer demo machine, 2013

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Nakamura
Model: NTJX
Chuck: 6
Bar Capacity: 2.5
Year: 2013
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Dealer Information
Machine Tool Emporium
4850 Crittenden Dr Suite 3D
Louisville, KY 40209
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Contact: Mark Coxon
Tel: 502-802-4008
Gold Level Dealer Since 2017

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Detailed Product Description

DEALER DEMO MACHINE Capacity Bar Capacity      2.5" (L) and 2" (R) Chuck Size      6" Max. Turning Diameter 9.65" STD. Turning Diameter 6.69" Max. Turning Length      42.91" Distance Between Center      50.79" Stroke X1 / X2 Axis      mm 455 (222.5) or 17.91 Z1 / Z2 Axis      mm 1,090 (1005) or 42.91 Y1 / Y2 Axis      mm 140 (70) or 5.51 B2 Axis      mm 1,080 or 42.52 Spindle Left Spindle Speed      4,500 rpm Spindle speed range Stepless Spindle Nose (L)      A2-6 Spindle Right Speed Range      6000 rpm Number of Steps      Stepless Spindle Nose (R)      A2-5 Hole Through Spindle (R)      63mm (2.48") Hole Through Draw Tube (R)      52mm (2.05") Front Bearing I.D (R)      100mm (3.94" C-Axis Unit Index Mechanism      Built Motor Least Input Increment      0.001 Degree Least Command Increment      0.001 Degree Rapid Index Speed      600 rpm Tool Spindle Number of Tool Spindle      1 Tool Spindle Speed 12,000/min Automatic Tool Change System Type of tool shank      CAPTO C6 Optional      KM63 Max Number of Tools      40 (op 40, 80,120) Max Tool Diameter 2.76" Max Tool Diameter (no tool on adjacent stations)      3.54" Max Tool Length      11.02" Max Tool Weight      8kg/17.63 lbs. B-Axis Unit Index Mechanism      Servo Motor   CAM Least Input Increment      0.001 Degree Least Command Increment 0.001 Degree Rapid Index Speed      37.5 rpm Swivel Area      230 degree ( /- 115 degree) B-Axis Clamp Mechanism      1 degree by curvic Lower Turret (R) Turret Head Type Dodecagonal Drum Turret No. Of Tool Station 12 x 2 Turret Thickness      3.93" Turret Index Drive      AC Servo Motor Rotating Tool Lower right Number of Rotating Tool Stations      12 Rotating Tool Speed 6,000 Rotating Tool Speed Range Stepless Saddle Configuration      60 Degree Feed Motor X1 Axis      AC 2.5HP X2 Axis      AC 2.5HP Z1 Axis      AC 4.5HP Z2 Axis      AC 2.7HP B2 Axis      AC 1.8HP Y1 Axis      AC 2.5HP Y2 Axis      AC 1.2HP Effective Slide Travel X1 Axis 17.91" X2 Axis      8.76" Z1 Axis      42.91" Z2 Axis      39.57" Y1 Axis      5.51" Y2 Axis      2.76" B2 Axis      42.52" Cutting Feed Rate Rapid Traverse X1 Axis 630"/min X2 Axis      630"/min Z1 Axis      1575"/min Z2 Axis      1575"/min Y1 Axis      630"/min Y2 Axis      236"/min Cutting Feed X/Z Axis      .4-20" /rev B Axis      4-20" /rev Drive motor Left spindle      20 HP Right spindle      15 HP Tool spindle      10HP Rotating tool spindle      7.5 HP X1 / X2 Axis      kW 2.5 / 2.5 Z1 / Z2 Axis      kW 4.5 / 2.7 B2 Axis      kW 1.8 Y1 / Y2 Axis      kW 2.5 / 1.2 Index kW 1.2 Power Requirements Power Supply      AC 200 / 220 Volts  10% to -15% Power Connected      90 KVAGeneral Machine Dimensions Length      186" w/ Chip Conveyor      218" Spindle Center Height from Floor      59.06" Floor Space      240.15" x 177.16" Weight      30,865 lbs. Power Supply / Air Supply 88.9kVA/150~200NL/min,0.5~0.7MPa Part Catcher T (Catching Parts from Right Spindle) Handling Size      65mm x 150mm, 3Kg HOURS……………………………………..Power On: 896 H 41M/ Run Time:82Hrs