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K.O. Lee #BA986, radial grinding fixture grinder attachment, #158393

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: K.o. Lee
Stock #: 158393
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Dealer Information
Machinery Values Inc
401 Supor Blvd.
Harrison, NJ 07029-2059
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Contact: Andrew Valitt
Tel: 973-497-7600
Fax: 973-497-7501
Gold Level Dealer Since 1997

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Detailed Product Description

K.O. Lee Radial grinding fixture Model BA986

"These are precision instruments for generating convex and concave radii on cutting tools.

They can sharpen existing radii on end mills, ball end mills (1/2" or larger), various

milling cutters with or without mounting arbors, and other smaller single point tools,

router bits, and similar cutters.

The basic fixture is also used to generate a radius on shank mounted balls, burr blanks,

ball end mills, and other such semi-ball forms. It can generate a convex or concave

radius on the grinding wheel when form grinding.

Roller bearings are employed between the fixture base and its pivoting worktable which

swings 360 degrees. Cneter gauge(s) provide a simplified method of centering any

tool by locating the tool against the gauge. Crossfeed & longitudinal feed screws

of the lower and upper slide sections are calibrated in .001" (.050"/revolution)

and controlled by large handwheels for easy set-up or adjustment during grinding.

Dials can be re-set to zero without moving the slides. Adjustable dovetail ways

can be locked.

The lever arm allows the fixture to be tilted away from the grinding wheel for quick

checking of work. The entire pivoting sadlle and turntable may be fixed at a tilt up

to 15 degrees from the horizontal.

Cutter surfaces which are tangent to radii ground may b e ground in sequence using

machine longitudinal table feed."

Equipped With:


BA939 Center Gauge

BA940 Tooth Rest

** Original Paint - Superior Condition & Appearance **

** Inspect in our Harrison, NJ Warehouse **