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INSERTION MACHINES (Also See Presses, Hardware Inserting)

8 Ton, Haeger #824, insertion press, 24" throat, 40 SPM at 1", 1997

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General Specifications

Ton: 8.0Ton
Manufacturer: Haeger
Model: 824
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Dealer Information
Sanson Machinery Group
PO Box 2631
Kirkland, WA 98083-2631
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Contact: Ryan Ross
Tel: 425-513-8263
Fax: 425-513-8264
Gold Level Dealer Since 2007

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Detailed Product Description

Machine Specifications

Force range      Adjustable up to 16,000 lbs.
Throat depth      24" 610mm
Stroke length      0-8.5" Adjustable
Strokes per minute      40 at 1" stroke
Vertical up stroke      3/8"-8.5" Adjustable
Electrical      220 to 575/3PH/50 or 60 HZ
Motor....      3 HP
Oil tank reservoir      18 gallons (80 liters)
Repeatability       /-1% of force set

Features and Benefits

•      Hydraulically powered.
•      Safe, even application of pressure ensures proper seating of fastener.
•      Ability to apply pressure at any point in stroke.
•      Ability to jog ram up or down.
•      Reversible at any point in the stroke.
•      Patented safety system.
•      Allows operator to work fast, confidently, without cumbersome tool guarding.
•      No time consuming safety set-up necessary before use.
•      Always operational regardless of pressure and stroke settings.
•      Tooling Protection System 
•      Monitors machine operation to protect tooling from damage.
•      Significantly decreases risk of part damage during hardware insertion.
•      Designed for easy set up and operation.
•      For use in automatic mode.
•      Positive stop adjustable stroke cylinder.
•      Allows delicate insertion work into light gauge material, aluminum, and plastic.
•      Limits stroke when precise depth of stroke is required.
•      Crank assembly with digital read out position indicator.
•      Built-in batch counter.
•      Confirms that all holes received fasteners and counts completed parts.
•      24 inch throat depth.
•      Allows easy access to large parts.
•      Interchangeable tooling.
•      Manual and automatic tooling for all Haeger Press models are interchangeable to keep tooling costs low as additional machines are added.
•      Versatile.
•      Optional part marking attachment.
•      Optional corner rounding attachment.
•      Optional press joining tooling.

Machine includes:
      Positive Stop
      Stroke Counter