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Omax #120X, 10' x20' precision abrasive waterjet, Omax EnduroMax 5060V VFD pump, '11

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Omax
Model: 120X
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Dealer Information

Zimmerman-McDonald Machinery Inc
2272 Weldon Pkwy
Saint Louis, MO 63146-3206

Contact: Brad Zimmerman
Tel: 314-291-9360
Fax: 314-291-2981
Gold Level Dealer Since 1982

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Detailed Product Description

OMAX Model 120X 10’ x 20’ Precision Abrasive Waterjet


Table Size: 11’5" x 21'
Cutting Capacity: 10’ x 20’
Parking Area for Carriage for Easy Loading from Front, Side, or Top of Table
Z-Axis Travel – 8"
Table Support Load: 400 Lbs Sqr/Ft
Material Support Slats: 4" x 14 Ga. Galvanized
Rapid Traverse Speed:      350" IPM
Drive System: Closed Loop Vector Linear Drive System
OMAX EnduroMax Pump Horsepower: 50 HP
Pump Pressure:       60,000 PSI
Nozzle Config: 0.016" Orifice, 0.042"/4" Mixing Tube
Garnet Feed System: Gravity Feed 25 lbs. Hopper with 2,200 Lbs Abrasive Bulk Hopper
Computer: PC Based w/ Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse      
Software: Omax Intelli-Max Control Software
Footprint of Tank: 304"L x 207"W x 168" H
Weight:      15,000 Lbs.
Operating Weight: 61,000 Lbs.

•      PC Based Controller
•      Windows Operating System
•      USB Hub of External Hardware Additions
•      Monitor with External Power Supply
•      Keyboard
•      Mouse
•      Network Compatible

•      OMAX Intelli-MAX Waterjet Designed Software
•      CAD/CAM Software Included with Easy to Use Drawing Library
•      CAD Formats Supported for Over 50 File Types
•      Heads-up Traverse Available
•      No G or M Code
•      Closed Loop Vector Linear Drive System Designed Specifically for Waterjets by OMAX
•      Electronic Gearing for Precise Cutting Control
•      Dual 0.000039" (1 micron) Resolution with Linear Scale Feed Back to Control
•      Motorized Z-Axis with Heads Up Traverse

•      Omax EnduroMax 5060V Variable Frequency Drive High Efficiency Pump
•      Variable Frequency Drive from 0 to 60,000 PSI
•      Rated for 85% Efficiency as Opposed to 60%-70% from Intensifier Pump
•      Pump Hours Only Accumulate During Cutting – Not idle Time
•      For Safety, High Pressure System not Pressurize Except When Cutting
•      Rated for 1,000 Hours Between Pump Rebuilds
•      Rebuild Pump in as little as 15 Minutes
•      Very Low Pump Operating Cost
•      Wired 3/60/460 Volt

•      Omax EnduroMax 5060V Variable Frequency Drive High Efficiency Pump
•      Exclusive Omax Intelli-TRAX Drive System Developed Exclusively for the Waterjet Environment
•      Abrasive Nozzle Assembly
•      OMAX Intelli-MAX CAD/CAM Control & Software
•      PC Based Control
•      Rapid Water Level Control
•      2,200 Lbs Bulk Hopper

•      We have over 20 years of Omax waterjet experience with (3) factory trained technicians on staff. We can offer setup & training on the machine, additional factory accessories, preventative maintenance, and factory parts. We can customize a program around an individual’s need.

One thing we do different than any other used machinery dealer in the country, we actually bring in used Omax & Maxiem waterjets, tear the machines down, and fully recondition them. (Many dealers just clean, slap on a coat of paint if necessary, and get things working). We start with the base tank and build our way back up cleaning, painting, reconditioning/repairing/replacing, bringing each component into tolerance until we have a complete machine which is as close as you can find to a new machine in tolerance. It takes more time, a lot more effort, and more expense, but the end result is well worth it.

Location: Springfield, MO
Terms: Payment Prior to Shipment