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GEAR HOBBING MACHINERY (Hobbers), For Bevel, Helical, Spur & Worm Gears

WMW #ZFWZ-250/3, 10" work diameter, 45°angle, tailstock, well tooled, 1979

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Wmw
Model: ZFWZ-250/3
Stock #: gh250x
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Dealer Information
Adams Machinery Co
6450 N Hamlin Ave
Lincolnwood, IL 60712

Contact: Sonneborn
Tel: 847-673-0556
Fax: 847-673-7636
Gold Level Dealer Since 1924

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Detailed Product Description

WMW Model ZFWZ 250/3 Gear Hobbing Machine

S/N: 9658                  New: 1979

Tailstock. Hydraulic Work Clamping. Change Gears and Arbors with Gear Cabinet. Coolant System. Magnetic Chip Conveyor. Any Available Manuals and Drawings.

Maximum Diameter of Workpiece      10"
Normal Diametral Pitch      4
Maximum Axial Feeding Travel      10.75"
Maximum Tangential Feeding Travel (hobshift)      4"
Maximum Helix Angle      45°
Min. No. of Teeth Cut using Standard Indexing      8
Min. No. of Teeth Cut using an Indexing Mechanism      
for Small No. of Teeth      4
Maximum Hob Diameter      5.75"
Maximum Hob Length      6.7"
Diameter of Working Surface of the Table      10.85"
Diameter of Hole in Work Table      7.87"
Depth of Hole in Work Table      
(with hydraulic work clamp device removed)      2.95"
Dist. Hob Center to Working Surface of Table: Min.      7.75"
Dist. Hob Center to Working Surface of Table: Max.      18.5"
Dist. Hob Center to Center of Worktable: Min.      0.8"
Dist. Hob Center to Center of Worktable: Max.      9"
Hob Speeds (Infinitely Variable): Low      50-200 RPM
Hob Speeds (Infinitely Variable): High      125-400 RPM
Feeds (Infinitely Variable): Axial      0.01"-0.40"/Rev of workpiece
Feeds (Infinitely Variable): Radial      0.001"-0.16"/Rev of workpiece
Feeds (Infinitely Variable): Tangential      0.005"-0.20"/Rev of workpiece
Main Motor      12 HP
Wired for      3/60/460V
Approximate Weight      14,500 lbs.