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Akira-Seiki #V4C, 41" X, 21" Y, 22" Z, Mits MI645, 9000 RPM, 22 ATC, 2011

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Akira-seiki
Model: V4C
Automatic Tool Changer: 22ATC
Longitudinal" X: 41.0" X
Cross" Y: 21.0" Y
Vertical" Z: 22.0" Z
RPM: 9000
Year: 2011
Stock #: 400756
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Dealer Information
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Detailed Product Description

Specifications from OEM brochure and equipped with are described to the best

of our knowledge. ALL items should be confirmed by buyer.

Equipped With:
Mitsubishi Mi645 Control
(3) Kurt Angle Lock Vises
(2) CT 40 Tool Holders

Axes Movement:
X-Axis, Table In Longitudinal Movement: 41.3"
y-Axis, Saddle In Cross Movement: 21.3"
Z-Axis, Head In Vertical Movement: 22.0"
Between Spindle Nose/Table Surface: 3.0"-25.0"
Between Center Line Of Spindle To Column: 21.7"

Work Surface: 47.2" x 18.9"
Maximum Table Load: 2,784 lbs
T-Slots: 5 ea. x 18 mm
Height From Floor: Approx. 35.0"

Ball Screw:
X-Axis Double Anchor / Double Nut / Constant Tension:40 mm DIA
Y-Axis Double Anchor / Double Nut / Constant Tension:40 mm DIA
Z-Axis Double Anchor / Double Nut / Constant Tension:40 mm DIA

Rapid Traverse (X & Y Axes / Z Axis): 1,575"/1,000"/min
Cutting Feedrate (X, Y, & Z Axes): 0 - 700"/min
(Can Be Overridden 0 - 150%; In 10% Increments)
Minimum Input Increment: 0001" or .001 mm
Rigid Tap RPM: 4,000 RPM

Cartridge Type (#40 Taper): 20 - 9,000 RPM
Spindle Motor - High Torque: 25 HP
Spindle Drive Mits: Digital
Spindle Air Blast: 80 PSI

Automatic Tool Changer:
Tool Storage Capacity: 22 Tools
Tool Change Time Tool To Tool: 5.4 Sec
ATC Actuation: Carousel In/Out
Tool Call System T-2 Digits: Random/bi-directional
Maximum Tool Diameter: 6.0"
Maximum Tool Diameter/Adjacent Slot: 3.0"
Maximum Tool Length: 13.0"
Maximum Tool Weight: 15 lbs
Tool Shank: cat-40
Retention Stud: mas-1
Spindle Orientation: electrica

Chip Removal:
Removeable Chip Basket: STD
Coolant Tank Capacity: 50 gal