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Eldorado /Mega #M-50-1031, 1/2" diameter cap, 15" depth, vari-speed, F18 Mega Flo, 1978

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Eldorado
Model: M-50-1031
Stock #: hsd1138
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Dealer Information
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Detailed Product Description

½" x 15" Eldorado/Mega Model M-50-1031 Precision Deep Hole Gun Drill

S/N: 1317                        New: 1987

Motor Driven With 5 HP, 3 Phase, 60 Cycle, 460 Volt AC Tech Variable Speed Spindle Drive. 7.5 HP, 3 Phase, 60 Cycle Coolant System. Complete Electrical Controls. 1 HP DC Servo Feed Motor.

Ball Screw Driven Drill Feed. Eldorado F18 "Mega Flo" High Pressure Coolant System With Filtration And Heat Exchanger. Ball Screw Driven Headstock Feed System. Thumbwheel Feed Rate. Feed Thrust Load Meter. Chip Box. Automatic Slideway Lubrication. Spindle Load Meter. Megaflo Flo-Minder. Large Quantity Of Drill Master Gun Drills. Assorted Bushings. Miscellaneous Tooling And Repair Parts.

Drilling Diameter: Maximum      .50"
Drilling Diameter: Minimum      .0550"
Maximum Drilling Depth      15"
Spindle Speeds      1,445 - 11,740 RPM
Feed Rate: Drilling      .1-99.9 IPM
Feed Rate: Rapid      200 IPM
Work Table      12" x 14"
Height of Spindle Centerline      8"
Straightness per 12"      .001"
Coolant Pressure, Maximum      1500 PSI
Reservoir Capacity      60 Gallon