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3.5" Soco, 112" stroke, CNC tube bender, tooling, 2001, #10238

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General Specifications

Capacity: 3.500"
Manufacturer: Soco
Stock #: 10238
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Dealer Information
Wisconsin Metalworking Machinery logo
Wisconsin Metalworking Machinery
2207 S West Ave
Waukesha, WI 53189-7920

Contact: J.R. Kraemer
Tel: 262-548-6080
Fax: 262-548-6094
Gold Level Dealer Since 1986

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Detailed Product Description

Performance Features
1. Capacity for 3-1/2” (88.9 mm) O.D. X 0.095 wall (2.1 mm) Steel Tubing, bending in 1.5 D C.L.R.
Capacity for 3” (76.2 mm) X 0.095 wall (2.4 mm) Stainless Steel Tubing, clockwise rotation.
2. Maximum 10” (250 mm) bending radius in standard model,
3. Maximum feeding length of 112” (2850 mm) in one stroke; maximum tube length with mandrel is 157”
(4000 mm) in multiple-stroke feeding method.
4. One stack (1 X Radius) bending.
5. Compression and draw bending capability
6. Simultaneous motion of Y, B & C axes
7. Simultaneous motion of bending Arm (C) & the pressure die assistant (U1) axes, controlled by
precision hydraulic proportional (servo) valves.
8. Closed or Open collet bending
9. Carriage Travel Repeatability (Y motion) of /- 0.10 mm ( /- 0.005”)
10. Collect Rotation Repeatability (B Motion) of /- 0.10 degrees.
11. Bending Arm Rotation Repeatability (C motion) of /- 0.10 degrees.

Machine Features
1. Hydraulic programmable mandrel extractor, heavy-duty mandrel lubricator.
2. Clamp and pressure die holders and sliding area semi-automatic lubricator.
3. Springback Compensation – Automatic correction for any differences caused by bending springback.
4. PDI Zone Recapture – Allows the carriage to move into the PDI Zone for any number of bends necessary to complete the part.
5. Standard wiper die holder and drop down clamping system.
6. Remote operator control stand.
7. All electrical circuits with components and machine safety covers are properly built on. A connecting box for the safety mat is also included (safety mat is optional but highly recommended).

Computer Features- IPC with touch screen system
The stand-alone computer with touch screen system includes Windows 98 / 2000 based software capable of performing the following:
1. Component (Part) Program entries for YBC and XYZ data.
2. Component (Part) Program Data Conversion from XYZ to YBC or from YBC to XYZ values.
3. Component (Part) Program storage on hard disk or floppy.
4. Component (Part) Program reversal and mirror image conversion with graphical display, with ability to rotate parts on the screen in any direction.
5. On screen display of offsets.
6. On screen self diagnostics with the ability to connect to live remote technical service from Mfg. Outlet (Optional items: PC Anywhere software / Modem).
7. Ability to network between bender controls and a master computer.
8. Ability to store over 50,000 configuration files in 10 GB of disk space, as well as opening 9 unique files at one time for greater bend setting flexibility.
9. Ability to receive AutoCAD data from a master computer (Free LSP software is available).
10. Hardware consists of a touch screen interface linked to closed-loop servo controlled technology.

Capacities and Specifications
Max. Steel Tube O.D. (C.L.R. 1.5D) 3-1/2” x .095” or 3”×.125”
Max. Stainless Steel Tube O.D. (C.L.R. 1.5D) 3” x .095”
Max. Tube Length With Mandrel (extensions optional) 157” / 13’1”
Max. Feeding Stroke 112” / 9’4”

Tube Feeding Way
1.Feed In Order
2.Gripper Feeding
Max. Bending Radius (extensions available) 10”
Max. Bending Angle 190°
Number Of Bend Per Tube 12 bends
Max. Program Storage Facility 50,000
Working Speed Bending Speed Max.25°/sec
Plane of Bend Speed Max. 160°/Sec
Feeding Speed Max. 31.5”/sec
Mechanical Bending Precision ±0.1°
Planning Precision ±0.1°
Feeding Precision ±0.005 mm

Data Input Way
1. Coordinate(X.Y.Z)
2. Actual Value(Y.B.C)

Planning (B) Servo Power 1.0 Kw
Feeding (Y) Servo Power 3.5 Kw
Motor Power For Hydraulic 30 Hp
Gross Weight 16,060 lbs.

Machine Dimension L×W×H 195”×73”×61”

Price with the following standard accessories:
1. One set of standard mandrel and master bars.
2. One set of hydraulic mandrel extraction system
3. One set of a auto-lubricating system for the mandrel
4. One set of pressure die assistant system
5. One set of a removable push-button operation stand