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20" x 30" Hem #HURRICANE-2030A, auto horiz.mitering band saw, power miter to 30°, '15

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General Specifications

High: 20.00"
Wide: 30.00"
Manufacturer: Hem
Model: HURRICANE-2030A
Stock #: 10513
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Dealer Information
Westbrook Engineering Co
23501 Mound Rd
Warren, MI 48091-2048
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Contact: Sales Dept.
Tel: 866-367-7297
Fax: 586-759-3106
Gold Level Dealer Since 1977

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Detailed Product Description

Stock No. 10513
Max. cutting cap. 90 deg, round 20"
Max. cutting cap. 45 deg, round 20"
Max. cutting cap. 30 deg, round 13"
Max. cutting cap. 90 deg, rectangular 20" x 30"
Max. cutting cap. 45 deg, rectangular 20" x 20"
Max. cutting cap. 30 deg, rectangular 20" x 13"
Max. degree of miter 30 degree
Blade dimensions 1-1/2" x 20’6" x .050"
Blade guides Carbide
Guide arm (manual / powered) Powered
Blade speeds 60 - 400 FPM
Number of speeds Infinite
Blade motor 10 H.P.
Blade drive type Motor to gearbox
Blade tension type Hydraulic
Hydraulic motor 5 H.P.
Coolant type Flood
Maximum feed length 34"
Number of multi indexes Up to 999"
Discharge Table Size 24"
Vise type Hydraulic
Currently Wired 460 volt 3 phase
Dimensions 95" x 142" x 82" saw only
Weight 8,000 lLbs.
Computer controlled Feed system consists of
Feed to automatically cut up to 500 different jobs of various lengths from the same bar. Keyboard
entry of job number, number of parts to 999 pieces per job, parts length to 999.999 inches with
automatic blade kerf compensation when indexing, choice to display number of pieces cut or time per part. Control has adjustable off-set feature to correct length while blade is dulling.
Individual jobs can be bundled in up to 99 different programs each of which contain up to 5 steps
(jobs), in any order. Any of those 99 programs can be linked into a “Program Series" to run
multiple programs consecutively. With single source responsibility, HE&M Saw designed
computer uses an Intel 8031 processor.
Equipped with:
Full capacity overhead bundling clamps on main and feed vise
Laser light
Powered blade chip brush
Blade break switch
Out of stock switch
Variable clamping pressure
Hydraulic blade tension
Powered miter with LED readout on control
Diagnostic panel
Kerf compensation
Chip auger
Full width discharge plate
5’ stock table for outfeed side
20’ powered conveyor for feed assist, VFD controlled and integrated with the saw controller. The
rollers are controlled with an “roller assist" mode for the indexing of larger loads. They will turn at
a speed consistent with the speed of the indexing barfeed. A 2 hp motor controlled by a Variable
Frequency Drive and gear reducer drives the rollers.