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1000/1333 KVA 13800 Delta Pri. 600Y/347 Sec., Unit substation, new (10) available

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General Specifications

KVA: 1000.0 - 1333.0
Pri.V.: 13800V.
Sec.V.: 600 - 347V.
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Dealer Information
Mine Power Services Inc
756 Carrier St
Kamloops, BC V2H1G2 Canada

Contact: Jack Goddyn
Tel: 250-571-4703
Gold Level Dealer Since 2018

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Detailed Product Description


•      CSA Certified
•      Test Reports included
•      600V SIS control wiring
•      Warning labels on all covers and doors to indicate voltages and hazards present
•      Control wiring labeled according to electrical drawings and schematics

15kV High Voltage Section:

•      Angled cable entry box on incoming cable cubicle
•      1 ea - 15kV 600A load break switch with safety glass viewing window in door
•      1 ea - Tavrida 15kV 2000A 95kV BIL 29kA vacuum breaker with remote open/close buttons at the opposite end of the sub, for added safety
•      4 ea - Ground ball studs for attaching the grounding cluster when performing maintenance or repairs to the HV system
•      1 ea - 1500 VA 13,800-120V potential transformer (PT) for control power to operate the main breaker and supply power to the ground fault and transformer protection relays
•      3 ea - 15kV rated 100:5 current transformers for transformer primary side metering and monitoring
•      3 ea - 18kV lightning arresters
•      1 ea - 120V 250W heater and thermostat in main switch and breaker section
•      1 set - Kirk Key interlocks between the main LB switch and Tavrida breaker so the LB SW cannot be opened or closed under load
•      1 set - Kirk Key interlocks between the main LB switch and transformer section to prevent access while energized
•      IR windows on 15kV incomer terminations and load break switch

Transformer Section:

•      Delta Transformers CP3C1000150, 1000/1333 Kva ANN/ANF, 13,800 Δ - 600Y/347V
•      Taps: 2-½ and 5% above and below nominal
•      150° Rise, BIL 95kV
•      Neutral Grounding Resistor, IPC 5A Continuous
•      VPE construction
•      Copper windings
•      Anti-vibration pads
•      Cooling fan package, increases kVA rating up to 1333 kVA
•      Transformer compartment isolated from HV, LV and 600V feeder compartments

600V Feeder Section:

•      2000A busbar from transformer to distribution breakers
•      3 ea - 1500:5 current transformers for protection and metering
•      8 ea - 600V/400A feeder buckets, c/w Cutler Hammer KD3400FS Visi-break circuit breakers with 400A thermal trip units, and Startco SE-105 ground fault/ground check relays. Padlockable for lockout.
•      Feeder section is designed so that feeder circuits may be safely added or removed without requiring the substation to be shut down
•      Separate control power transformer for each outgoing feeder circuit
•      1 ea - 120V 250W heater and thermostat in 600V feeder section

Lighting Transformer and Panel:

•      1 ea - 3 phase 30 kVA 600-120/208 lighting transformer
•      1 ea - 100A, 3 phase, 120/208 lighting panel, 24 circuit, c/w 100A main breaker
•      9 ea - 1P 15A, 2 ea - 2P 15A, 1 ea - 3P 15A, 1 ea - 2P 20A circuit breakers
•      1 ea - 15A GFCI duplex receptacle with weatherproof cover

Protection, Control and Metering:

•      1 ea - Startco SE-330 NGR monitor, to trip the 15kV Tavrida breaker if there is a fault on the neutral. Reports to the GE 345 transformer management relay
•      1 ea - GE Multilin 345 Transformer Management Relay, monitors the health of the transformer, will trip the 15kV Tavrida breaker on transformer overtemperature, winding fault or other fault. Communicates with the SE-330 NGR Monitor and the Qualitrol temperature controller
•      Breaker position indicator
•      Maintenance mode/Normal mode switch
•      1 ea - Qualitrol 118T transformer temperature controller, with 3 thermocouples in the transformer. Reports to the GE 345 transformer management relay
•      1 ea - 0-15kV voltage panel meter
•      1 ea - 0-750V voltage panel meter
•      1 ea - 0-1500A current panel meter
•      1 ea - red strobe indicating light/ buzzer, indicates if there is a fault in the substation


•      Type 3R weatherproof construction
•      Separate compartments for HV, LV, transformer, and 600V
•      Ground bus throughout 2″x ¼″
•      Skid mounted, towable from either end
•      Lifting eyes on the top on all 4 corners

Paint and Finish:

•      Interior and exterior main frame and body - Sky White Powdercoat
•      Exterior doors, panels, ventilation louvers - Safety Orange Powdercoat or customer spec
•      Warning labels on all compartment covers and doors