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Campbell #700/8086-36S, CNC vertical ID/OD grinder, 80" table, 86" swing, Fanuc 150M

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Campbell
Model: 700/8086-36S
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Dealer Information

Asset Exchange Corporation
1401 W Lunt Ave.
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007-5621
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Contact: Gregg/Mark
Tel: 773-866-9600
Fax: 773-866-9601
Cell: 312-952-6775
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Detailed Product Description

80" Campbell Model 700/8086-36S CNC Vertical ID/OD Grinder
Specifications and Equipment
Work Table Size:       80" with 12 Radial Tee Slots
Maximum Swing:       86"
Work Height Capacity:       36"
Work Table Speed Range:       1-20 RPM
Work Table Drive:       Variable Speed
ID Spindle:       12,000 RPM

Equipped With:       
Fanuc 150-M CNC Control, 80" Table, Grinding Head W/ two Precision Spindle on Power Driven turret, Dresser (Diamond disc wafer fro profile dressing),
Work table Spindle:       Heavy duty precision turntable bearing with guarantee of .002" TIR or less.
Work table Accuracy:       Table flatness .002" per foot maximum dish ground in place at assembly.
Grinding Head:       Grinding head will contain two precision spindles on power driven turret. Spindles will be 180 degrees opposed and will allow OD ad ID surface to be ground concentrically with one part set up OD spindle will be motorized style for use with 14" to 8" diameter wheels. ID spindle will be motorized 5hp and is designed for 3" wheels and will provide up to 12,000 RPM at the spindle. RPM will vary so cutting speed remains constant as wheel is dressed to minimum diameter.
Dresser:       diamond disc wafer for profile dressing. Also optional single point diamond articulating arm style CNC Control mounted on rigid stand adjacent to table. The horizontal slide automatically travels to the dresser, forms the wheel, compensates and returns to part. Wheel contours can be configured with CNC control.
Base:       fabricated steel weldment with integral coolant through and drain provisions. Hold down bolt holes and leveling screws accurately located for anchoring to shop floor. No special foundation required. All weldments thoroughly stress-relieved to eliminate aging and creep. Cross braced and reinforced with polymer concrete (granitan) for stiffness and dampening of induced or transient vibration. Interface surfaces milled to accuracy of .001" per foot or less scraping provided as necessary for improved accuracy. All welds chipped and ground and free of splatter. Exposed corners and joints chamfered and ground.
Cross Slides:       Slide actuation through an anti-backlash, precision ball screw by means of a AC servomotor and direct drive and safety switches at the end of travel. Rapid traverse rate is 40"/minute. Feed rate variable from .05 IPM to 40.0 IPM. 96" total horizontal range of movement (traverse stroke) on cross rail. Dimension to the right of the table centerline in out board positioning is 76".
Vertical slide:       Enclosed square design with anti-friction bearings on hardened ways. Variable power feed reciprocation by AC servo drive. Length of reciprocation adjustable from 1" to 48". 19" minimum height under rail. Reciprocation rate variable from 0 to 40 IPM. Tapers, including   or - 45 degree angles, can e accurately generated by the GE/FANUC CNC Controller.
Size Control:       Fanuc 15 series CNC system with man-machine control and electronic AC servo motor drives will provide compact and trouble free solid state control system. System will provide precise zero stop function and retract to start position. Auxiliary positions can be programmed to change feed rate. Initiate dress, or whatever other control functions might be desired. Operator can easily adjust to tapers if necessary. Custom CRT screen menus will provide operator references as to cycle position. Visual CRT displays will show wheel position from "zero" as well as, horizontal and vertical slide location. Control systems will be operator friendly or can be fully programmed by CNC parts programmer. Error messages for ease of maintenance included.
Coolant System:       Encyclon cyclonic type coolant filter for aerospace materials, 5 micron filtration 300 gallon tank, 60 GPM flow rate, 60 PSI capacity, a 1.5 HP, 18,600 BTU refrigeration unit is mounted
Controls:       Machine operating controls are contained in conveniently located oil tight panel and will permit manual and/r automatic operation of all machine functions. . Visual indications of cycles location provided via lights or illuminated push buttons. Hand pendant with jog functions and .0001 pulse movements provides convenient set-up and inspection for operator.
Lubrication:       Automatic motor driven continuous feed to vertical slide and cross slide via Lincoln. lubrication system. Table spindle bearing are packed and require minimum maintenance. Electric motors and gear boxes are subject to periodic lubrication.
Way Covers:       Other protective devices will be used as necessary to insure proper protection and accurate service life.
Electrical:       machine input to be 480V, 60 cycle, 3 phase. All electrical equipment and circuits will conform to J.I.C., N.M.T.B.A. electrics.

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