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Citizen #M32VIII, 1-1/4", Mitsubishi, 12-Axis, Y&B Axes, HPC, CAV bar feed, 2011

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Citizen
Model: M32VIII
Stock #: 399832
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Dealer Information
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Automatics & Machinery Co Inc
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Longmont, CO 80501
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Contact: Steve Beck
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Detailed Product Description

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Equipped With:
Citizen CAV 32-IS Bar Feed
CoolBlaster CB510 10 Line High Pressure Coolant System
Tsubaki Low Profile Chip Conveyor
CoolBlaster 850 Mist Collector
Programmable B-Axis
Ethernet NEtwork Card
Adaptive Guide Bushing
Misc Turret Tool Holders

General Specifications per the Manufacturers Brochure

Max. machining diameter (D) 32mm dia
Max. machining length (L) 320mm/1 chucking
Spindle through-hole diameter 36mm diam.
Main spindle speed 8000 rpm
Spindle speed of the gang rotary tool 8000 rpm
Spindle speed of the
turret rotary tool 6000 rpm
Back spindle speed 8000 rpm
Max. drilling diameter for the
back tool post rotary tool 8mm diam
Max. tapping diameter for the
back tool post rotary tool M6
Spindle speed of the
back tool post rotary tool 6000 rpm
Max. chuck dia of the back spindle 32mm diam
Max. protrusion length of the
back spindle workpiece 65mm
Max. protrusion length 145mm
Number of tools to be mounted 31 a
Gang tool post 5
Gang rotary tool 4
Gang B axis rotary tool 3
Number of turret station 10
Back tool post 9
Tool size

Tool (gang tool post) 16mm square
Sleeve 24.5mm diam
Chuck and bushing
Main spindle collet chuck F37

Back spindle collet chuck F37
Guide bushing N229
Rapid feed rate
All axes (except X2 & Y2) 32 m/min
X2 axis 18 m/min
Y2 axis 8 m/min
Y3 axis 32m/min
Spindle drive 3.8/7.5 kW
Back spindle drive 2.2/5.7 kW
Gang tool post rotary tool drive 1.0 kW
Turret rotary tool drive 0.75/1.5 kW
Back tool post rotary tool drive 1.0 kW
Coolant oil 0.4 kW
Lubricating oil 0.003 kW
Centre height 1150mm
Rated power consumption 14.5 kVA
Full-load current 53A
Main braker capacity 75A
Weight 3550 kg (7825 lbs)
Dimensions (approx) 3065mm x 1410mm x 1900mm
120" x 56" x 75"

Standard accessories
Main spindle chucking unit Workpiece separator
Rotary guide bushing unit Machine relocation detector
Back spindle chucking unit Door lock
Gang rotary tool driving unit Lighting
Coolant unit (with level detector)
Lubricating oil supply unit (with level detector)
Air-driven knock-out device for back machining