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7" Trennjaeger #LTS-520, cold saw, 7" x 13" capacity, new

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General Specifications

Cutting Capacity: 7.00"
Manufacturer: Trennjaeger
Model: LTS-520
Stock #:
Price: $44,800.00

Dealer Information

Allstate Saws
851 Sard Ave
Aurora, IL 60506-5943

Contact: Bob Hoffmann
Tel: 630-892-7297
Fax: 630-892-8560
Gold Level Dealer Since 1990

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Detailed Product Description

Trennjaeger Traversing Cold Saw Model LTS 520

In the standard version, the LTS 520 is suitable for straight and miter cutting of structural profiles, solids, plates, pipes & tubes. The machine stand is of welded steel construction, with an integrated swivel base. Mechanical stops are provided at ninety degrees (for straight cuts) & at forty-five & thirty degrees for miter cutting in both directions, left or right. The degree of miter is displayed digitally to one-tenth of a degree, so that the operator may position the saw precisely.

The machine’s gearbox is mounted below the saw table & travels horizontally on precision ground & hardened guide ways. The LTS 520 employs an all spur & helical gear train, which operates in a constant oil bath. Gear shafts are journaled in heavy-duty roller bearings, to provide the smoothest & most efficient possible method of power transmission.

The saw motor is 2.8kw stepless drive offering 12 to 100m/min blade speed at 480vac.

Other machine features, which serve to minimize vibration while cutting, are the saw’s thick working table & powerful pneumatic clamps. The material being sawn is clamped horizontally & vertically to ensure that it is positively secured. The width of the clamping range is normally zero to 16-3/4 inches, but by exchanging the pressure piece on the horizontal clamp, the range can be increased to 20-1/2 inches

Because the saw table rotates inside the machine stand, the machine’s datum line always remains constant. This simplifies material handling & measuring.

The gearbox or “saw head″ is fed by a lead screw & is powered by an electric drive motor. The feed rate is infinitely variable form 1-1/4 to 29-1/2 inches per minute. The rapid return is constant at 59 inches per minute.

The rate of feed is controlled by a touch screen on the saw’s control panel, which is mounted on the front of the machine so as to be conveniently located for the machine operator.

Other electrical controls are installed in the panel in a logical, user friendly sequence. These are clearly labeled & easily accessible. Push buttons & selector switches are provided for the control of all machine functions, as well as an emergency off push button with a keyed lockout.

The remaining electrical components, such as switches & overloads are installed in a separate enclosure mounted inside the machine’s base. Access panels in the saw’s working table & base are provided in the event that service to the electrical system is required.

While sawing, the blade is lubricated by means of a spray mist “micro-dose″ coolant system. The lubricant is applied at full strength, but in very small quantities. Therefore, there is no mixing of coolant required. In addition, there is no danger of coolant dripping onto the floor from the saw table or being carried from the machine on sawn material. The lubricant reservoir is sealed, so that evaporation of the cutting fluid will not occur.

The clamping & coolant systems require compressed air, available clean & dry at 85 psi. The provision for compressed air is not part of the scope of this quotation.

The machine is designed for use with saw blades in the following diameters: 460mm or 510mm (segmental) & 400mm to 550mm (high speed steel).

Cutting Capacity:550mm (21 ½″)      At 90º       At 45º            At 30º
Round Tubing                   7″            7″             6 ½″
Rectangular                  13″ x 7″ 9″ x 7      ″ 7 ½″ x 6 ½″
Flats                        20 ½″ x 3″ 13 ¾″ x 3″       9 ¼″ x 3″