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Schenck #SBTK200, transfer balancing machines for crankshafts, just rebuilt

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Schenck
Model: SBTK200
Stock #: 08032018
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Dealer Information

Pacific Machine Tools LLC
2261 Masters Rd
Carlsbad, CA 92008-3849

Contact: Maury Cohn
Tel: 760-431-3560
Fax: 760-431-3562

Gold Level Dealer Since 2015

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Detailed Product Description

Fully automatic operating sequence

Integrated, fast inline transport

Interfacing with production lines

NC axis control for transporter and correction

Optimized unbalance correction
High-speed drilling with drill emulsion or oil or minimum quantity lubrication MQL

Range of application Measurement and correction of unbalance in machined passenger vehicle and light commercial vehicle crankshafts. Deployment of the machine for the highest capacity requirements in large-volume production, interfaced with production lines and with arbitrary in-feed and out-feed conveyors. Unbalance correction by drilling into the counterweights in one or two correction steps.

Design Multi-station machine with fully automatic operational sequence. Modular machine design provides optimum adaptability to the application. Layout of the machine transverse or length-wise to the in-feed and out-feed conveyors. All stations of the machine covered by numerically controlled overhead lift-andcarry transport with coupled gripper carriage delivering crankshafts lengthwise to the machine. Short cycle times through NC-control, minimum mass movement and short travel distances. Microprocessor-controlled measuring equipment for calculation of optimum correction. Software program for component or optimized correction and statistics.