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COOLANT FILTERING SYSTEMS (Also See Filtration Systems)

Ebbco #EVOLUTION-40/60, coolant system, 140 gallon, 35 GPM, metalworking filter vessel, 2010, #18112

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Ebbco
Model: EVOLUTION-40/6
Description: coolant system
Stock #: 18112
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Dealer Information
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Detailed Product Description

PRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA …… $15,000.00
HMC Stock No. 18112-P
Machine Serial No. J8467
Machine Model No. Evolution 40/60
New Date: 2010
Clean Tank Capacity: 93 Gallons
Dirty Tank Capacity: 47 Gallons
Total Tank Capacity: 140 Gallons
Flow Rate: 35 GPM
Metalworking Filter Vessel
Serial No. 7164, Model No. MWF3-623
Service Height Clearance: 70"
Recommended Flow Rate: 60 GPM
(3) 5-Micron Filter Cartridges, E623-5
Evolution Cabinet Chiller
Serial No. 29591, Model No. PMF-24,000-EC
Capacity @ 70 Degrees F: 24,000 BTU/HR
Approx. Flow Rate: 12 GPM (Oil)
1.      Dirty fluid enters the filtration system through the 2" NPT half coupler(s) inlets from the customer/end user's machine tool. The fluid then flows through (4) pre-filter baskets, preventing any large particles (250 microns or higher) from entering the filtration system. Fluid that has passed through the pre-filter baskets settles into the dirty portion of the system tank.
2.      The filter pump draws the dirty fluid up from the dirty tank and runs it through the filter vessel. The dirty fluid is cleaned by the (3) filter cartridges installed inside the vessel down to a specified micron rating. This fluid is now considered clean fluid.
3.      Clean fluid discharged from the filter vessel enters the distribution header, located in between the clean and dirty tank, where it is then sent to (3) different zones within the filtration system:
A. A portion if the fluid is sent directly back to the dirty tank to sweep the bottom of the tank. Eductor nozzles engineered in specific location will agitate any settled particles along the bottom of the tank.
B. Another portion of fluid is diverted into the heat exchanger, located inside the chiller enclosure, cooling the fluid to the digital temperature controller pre-set temperature point. Fluid is deposited inside the clean portion of the system tank after exiting the heat exchanger.
C. The remaining fluid is sent directly into the clean portion of the system tank.
4.      Lastly, clean fluid inside the clean tank is pumped by the feed pump to the 1" full coupler outlet.
5.      The process fluid re-enters the filtration system through the 2" inlet(s) from the customer/end user's machine tool discharge(s), continuing the filtration sequence of operation.
NOTE: Side Filter Screens Missing on Each Side
See OEM operation manual at:
Overall Size: 48" x 70" x 70" High (on 3" blocks) x 2100 Lbs.