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2600 cfm Camfil Handite Oil Expert #4.5 oil mist collector, 2015

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General Specifications

Cubic Feet Per Minute: 2600 CFM
Manufacturer: Camfill
Model: 4.5
Stock #: 398404
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Dealer Information

Automatics & Machinery Co Inc
150 Martin St.
Longmont, CO 80501
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Contact: Steve Beck
Tel: 303-651-6545
Fax: 303-651-6556

Gold Level Dealer Since 1989

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Detailed Product Description

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(1) Two-Stage Oil Filtration System
(1) Empty Housing for Fianl Filter
(1) P-Trap and Siphone
(1) APC Custome Fan 2600 CFM @ 12.2" WG @ 4800ft elev., 15 HP
(1) Silencer
(1) Motor Starter NEMA 4/12 240V/60Hz/3PH 15HP

Footprint: 30.31 x 67.91"
AMin/Mx Height: 112.20 x 153.54"
Air Volume: up to 2649 cfm

*** Approx $27,250 new

APC Custom Fan 2600 CFM @ 12.2" @ 4800 ft elev., 15 hp - TSS#2505
Pressure Blower, Size 1808, Steel Wheel, Arrangement 4V, Rotation CW,

Discharge TH
Capacity - Operating/Design
2600 CFM, 12.2w.g. Fan SP at 3500 rpm, 12.1 BHP; at 70 degree F and 4800 ft.

0.0631 lbs/cu ft
Motor (provided and mounted by NYB)
Premium Efficiency, 15 HP, 3600 RPM, TE, 254TC Frame, 3-60-230/460V, cast iron
Accessories & Modifications:
Flanged outlet:
Damper: Outlet, Integral
Certified Documents: To-Scale Composite Drawings, DWG format with STP File
Farr Outles
Farr Grey 7035

Dischar silencer for sound attenuation for fan discharge noise. It mounts

directluy to the fan discharge. The silncer is designed to reduce fan noise

below 85dBA at 5 ft (1.52 meters). If greater sound attenuation is required,

consult the factory. Larger units may have to be supported with hanger rods

from teh ceiling. If a brace is desired off the collector consult the


Motor Starter NEMA 4/12 240V/60Hz/3PH 15 HP
Type 4/12 Enclosure to contain the follwoing components:
Blower Motor Starter with Short Circuit and Overload Protection
Industrial Control Transformer
Blower Start/Stop Pushbutton and Run Pilot Light
Note: AdditionalDisconnect ad Fused Short Circuit Protection required by

The Camfil Fass AP Motor Starter controller is a basic motor starting with

built in overload protection and an adjustable trip class. It is available in

all horse powers and voltages from 208 thru 575 VAC.