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Citizen #M32Y (3M5), 1-1/4", Y-Axis turret & gang, 10-Axis, loader, 2005

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Citizen
Model: M32Y
Stock #: 399131
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Detailed Product Description

General Specifications As Per OEM Brochure (Please Verify Details):

Citizen M32V (3M5), Y Axis Turret: C1,C2,X1,X2,X3,Y1,Y2,Z1,Z2,Z3
2-Tools in the cut, live tool from gang and turret, Independent & synchronous

Sub-spindle. Turret can come off the face and machine while the sub spindle

is drawing away.

Equipped With:
=CAV/32 IS 12' Magazine Bar Loader
=CoolBlaster High Pressure Coolant System
MistBuster Collection System
Fire Suppression


Control: Mitsubishi
Machining Diameter: 1.25"
Machining Length: 12.5"
Front Drilling Diameter: .47"
Front Tapping Size: M10
Spindle Through-Hole Diameter: 1.41"
Main Spindle Speed: 200-8000 RPM
Drilling Diameter (Gang Tool): .27"
Drilling Diameter (Turret): .39"
Tapping Diameter (Gang Tool): M6
Tapping Diameter (Turret): M8

Rotary Tool Speed (Gang Tool): 200-5000 RPM
Rotary Tool Speed (Turret): 200-5000 RPM

Back working:
Chuck Diameter of Back Spindle: 1.25"
Workpiece Length for Front Side
Collection From Back Spindle: 5.7"
Drilling Dia in Back Machining Process: .39"
Tapping Dia in Back Machining Process: M8
Back Spindle Speed: 200-7000 RPM

Tooling Layout:
Number of Tools to be Mounted: 22
Turning Tools on Gang Tool Post: 5
Rotary Tools on Gang Tool Post: 4
Tools on Turret: 10 (Indexed at 20)
Turret travels: X,Y,Z
Gang tool travels: X,Y
Tools on Back Tool Post: 3
Tool Size - Gang Tool Post: .625" x .625" x 5.11"
Tool Size - Turret: .625" x .625" x 3.54"
Tool Size - Turret (Sleeve): 1"
Tool Size - Back Tool Post (Sleeve): 1"

Main Spindle Drive: 3.7/5.5KW
Tool Spindle Drive (Gang Tool): 1.0KW
Tool Spindle Drive (Turret): .75/1.5KW
Back Spindle Drive: 1.5/2.2KW

Machine Weight: 6900 lbs.