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GRINDERS, BELT (Also See Sanders, Belt)

36" Timesavers #4121-23-05, 48" disc, wet, vac bed, dryer, low hrs, 2007 installed 2009

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General Specifications

Belt: 36.0"
Manufacturer: Timesavers
Model: 4121-23-05
Stock #:
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Dealer Information
Zimmerman-McDonald Machinery Inc logo
Zimmerman-McDonald Machinery Inc
2272 Weldon Pkwy
Saint Louis, MO 63146-3206

Contact: Brad Zimmerman
Tel: 314-291-9360
Fax: 314-291-2981
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Detailed Product Description

TIMESAVERS Model 4121-23-05 36″ Belt/ 48″ Rotary Disc Wet Widebelt Sander
Manufactured 2007, Installed 2009, Used Approximately 300 Hours, New Price $175,000

Abrasive belt size: 37″ x 75″
Disc diameter: 48″
Maximum width stock: 36″
Minimum part size: 3″ x 3″
Infeed loading area: 27″
Machine opening: 0 - 3″
Feed speed: 3-30 FPM A/C
Motor: 20, 10 HP
Passline height: 34″-37″, Variable
Compressed air usage: 6 CFM @ 90 psi
Approximate shipping weight: 9,700 lbs.

Your new Timesavers model 4121-23-05 wet process metal- working machine is equipped with two top heads: a 7″ contact drum and a 48″ diameter rotary disc head, powered by 20 & 10 HP motors.


–¡      7″ Diameter Contact Drum:
Dynamically balanced 7″ diameter contact drum with precision bearings.

–¡      Rotary Disc Head:
48″ diameter rotary disc head is capable of running non-woven abrasive discs, abrasive impregnated nylon bristle brush or wire brush. A multitude of different grade, grits and brush lengths are available. Disc head is independently height adjustable by way of motorized lift.

–¡      20 & 10 Horsepower Main Drive Motors:
A/C variable frequency disc drive motor. Abrasive head drive, vacuum blower and feed drive motors are precision balanced for power and long life. Totally enclosed, fan-cooled motors add to durability.

–¡      Variable Passline:
0-3″ bed opening capacity with a 34″-37″ conveyor passline height.

–¡      Motorized Thickness Adjustment:
Conveyor bed setting is motor driven. Allows for changes in thickness settings of material to be processed or to vary amount of pressure being used to deburr parts. Also aids in the change of abrasive media.

–¡      Infeed Stop Bar:
A sheet metal gate which acts as an emergency stop for the operator when loading the machine. The gate actuates a limit switch which shuts down the abrasive belt head and conveyor feed in emergency situations.

–¡      Automatic Advance Paper Media Filter:
An integrated automatic indexing paper media filter that cleans and re-circulates coolant for efficient deburring and finishing. This system comes complete with pump, controls, media paper and flow controls to advance the media automatically when needed.

–¡      Electronic Digital Thickness Readout:
Indicates conveyor bed position in relation to the deburring head for accurate set-up to .001″.

–¡      Air Knife Parts Dryer:
Air blows and squeegees sheet metal parts on exit end of machine after deburring process. Includes precision top and bottom air knives, squeegee rolls, feed rolls, high efficiency blower, guards and controls.

–¡      Vacuum Conveyor Bed:
System includes vacuum blower, silencer, and water separation device. Allows parts as short as 3 ½″ to be processed. Parts must have surface smooth enough to seal the conveyor belt.

–¡      Percentage Load Meters:
Provided on each abrasive head to show exact percentage of main motor horsepower being used during operation.

–¡      Hour Meter:
Records actual running time of the machine. This unit is used by maintenance for scheduled lubrication of key components.

–¡      PLC Controls with HMI Interface:
All machine functions are controlled at a centrally located operator control panel. Control panel contains a color LCD screen and emergency stop button. The controls allow one button automated start and shut down, and have programmable set-up with a maximum of 99 programs.

–¡      Variable Speed Conveyor Drive:
3-30 fpm A/C variable frequency conveyor drive.

Location: St. Louis, MO area
Terms: Payment Prior to Shipment