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HONES VERTICAL (Also See Superfinishers)

Sunnen #CK-21-D, 0-8" diameter, 3/4" -12" length, 90-550 RPM, CNC controlled, 1997

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Sunnen
Model: CK-21-D
Stock #: ho512
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Dealer Information
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Detailed Product Description

Sunnen Model CK-21-D Automatic Vertical Hone

S/N: 4VI-1091                  New: 1997

CK-21 computer control for all aspects of the honing cycle; adjust spindle speeds, stroke speeds, feed rates, stone wear compensation, size control and bore geometry at any point in the cycle. The control unit displays a cycle counter and a cycle timer to monitor throughout. It also shows the bore profile display with real time graphical display. During the honing cycle the machine allows dwell of honing tool in five (5) positions, 2-stage honing cycle which allows two (2) different spindle speeds and feed rates during one (1) honing cycle. The 2K-21 also has the “spark-out″ mode and the ability to ″lock-in″ the diameter after having honed a bore to the desired size. Subsequent bores will then automatically be honed to the same diameter. Honing fluid system.

Diameter Range      0-8"
Length Range      3/4"-12"
Spindle Speeds (2 Ranges)      90- 550 RPM
Stroking Rate      40- 100 SPM
Spindle Drive      4 HP
Stroking Drive      3/4 HP
Maximum Part Weight      1,500 lbs
Work Envelope      57" x 35" x 32"
Electrics      3/60/230V
Approximate Dimensions      86" x 87" x 88"H
Approximate Weight      3,000 lbs