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1/2" x 12' Heavy Duty shear, in great condition, pre-owned

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General Specifications

Capacity: .500"
Length': 12.0'
Stock #:
Price: $27,500.00

Dealer Information
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SMF & Machine Tools Inc
14824 Rockbridge Rd.
Little Rock, AR 72206-5928
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Contact: Roger Huntsman
Tel: 800-643-5839
Fax: 501-897-4090
Gold Level Dealer Since 1984

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Detailed Product Description

Ring and flared-type tube fittings to eliminate leaks and cartridge valves and subplate mounted directional valves simplify servicing.
DURABILITY The swing beam principle eliminates the need for slides and guides and thereby reduces the number of important wearing parts to two pivot pin bearings which are replaceable in less than two hours. The Life expectancy of these bearings should exceed ten years, however, the replacement cost is minimal.

BALANCED HYDRAULIC SYSTEM ELIMINATED TORISION IN FRAME On the cutting stroke oil is directed into the top of the right hand cylinder at a pressure which is sufficient to overcome the resistance (steel plate being shattered) As the right hand cylinder advances downward oil is dispatched from the piston rod end into the top of the left hand cylinder and because the volumes of both cylinders are equal then both piston rods will extend uniformly.

Capacity:                        146 x 1/2
Full Length Cuts/Min.                  9      
Motor H.P.                        50      
Table Height:                        35      
Shipping DATA                              
Height:                              76      
Length:                              156      
Width:                              70      
Weight:                              32,000 LBS
Balance Between      Housings:            152      
Number of Hold Downs:                  14      
Hold Down Tonnage:                  70      
Rake Angle Per. Ft.                  0.5      
Back Gauge/Range:                   48" Power Operated