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MEASURING MACHINES (Including Coordinate Measuring Machines CMM's)

Zeiss Vista #1620-14 DCC, bridge type, 400mm-X, 500mm-Y, 350mm-Z, Renishaw probe, '03

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Zeiss
Model: 1620-14
Stock #: inszxinszvx
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Detailed Product Description

Zeiss Vista 1620-14 DCC Bridge Type Coordinate Measuring Machine(2)

New: 2003, 2004

Ceramic Crossbeam and Spindle (Thermically Insensitive). Pneumatically Counterbalanced Z-Axis.
High Performance Air Bearings with Wrap-around Guideway in all Axes.(also in Y). Passive Anti-vibration System. Computer System with Calypso Usoft Software. Renishaw Probe System. Joysticks with Progressive Characteristics for Manual Control of CMM. Renishaw PH6 Probe. Switchable to Creep Speed. Microprocessor Control (3-axis Vectorial Control) with Overdrive for Speed. High Performance Servo Drives. Electronic Monitoring and Thrust Force. Limitation in all Axes.

Measuring Range X      400 mm
Measuring Range Y      500 mm
Measuring Range Z      350 mm
Overall CMM Dimensions (length x width x height)      870 mm x 1080 mm x 1840 mm
Table Surface Height      800 mm
Clearance Under Bridge      530 mm
ax. Clearance Between Probe Head & Table Surface      480 mm
Work Table Area X, Y      600 mm x 860 mm
CMM Weight (approx.)      400 kg
Max. Workpiece Weight      280 kg
Power Requirements      110 volts
Max Total Consumption      1000 VA
Travel Speeds      
Set-up and Testing Operation      0-70 mm/s
Measuring Operation Axial      200 mm/s
Vectorial      340 mm/s
Max. Acceleration Axial      400 mm/s2
Vectorial      680 mm/s2