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Tsugami #BO385L, 1-1/2", Fanuc, chucker version (no guide bushing) 6' Iemca, 2012

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Tsugami
Model: BO385L
Stock #: 398571
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Dealer Information
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Detailed Product Description

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Equipped With:
Iemca Boss 545 6' Bar Feed, New 2001
20mm (Pusher rod is missing Rotating tip and flag) & 38mm
Misc Collector
Part Conveyor
Chip Conveyor
High Pressure Coolant

Gang Slide
2 ER16 Face mills (Can be swapped with a 16 ER cross mill for Subside)
2 ER16 Cross Mills
1 ER20 Cross Mill

Run Time Approx 15,000 hours

General Specifications from Manufacturer's Brochure:

Control: Fanuc 0i-TD

Axes: X1, Y1, Z1, X2, Z2, C1, C2
Working barstock diameter: 8 - 32mm
Max Machining Length: 100mm
Max Main Spindle Drill Diam: 13mm
Max Main Spindle Tap Diam: M12
MAx Back spindle chucking diam: 38mm
Max. back spindle drilling diameter 12mm
Max. back spindle tapping diameter M12
Max. cross drilling diameter 10mm
Max. cross tapping diameter m8
Max. tool spindle slotting cutter dia. 45mm
Max. back drilling diameter 8 (op)
Max. back tapping diameter M6 (op)
Main spindle speed 200-6000 rpm
Back spindle speed 100-7000 rpm
Tool spindle speed 200-5000 rpm
Total tool storage cap( St/Max.: Op.) 20/31
Tool size 20 x 20 x 125mm
Rapid traverse rate 45m/min X1, Y1
24 m/min Z1
32m/min X2
Controlled axes (linear axes) 5
Main spindle 7.5 / 11kW
Back spindle 3.7 / 5.5 kW
Axis 1.2 kW Z1
.75 kW X1, YY1
2.5kW X2, Z2
Cross Drill: 1.0 kW

Coolant pump 0.4 kW
Lubricating oil pump 3 W
Net weight 4600 kg
Power source requirment 30 kVA
Compressed air requirement 4 MPa or above
Air discharge rate 100 NL/min
Coolant tank capacity 195 L
Width x depth x height 2620 x 1345 x 1970 mm