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GEAR GENERATORS, For Bevel,Helical,Herringbone,Hypoid & Spiral Gears

Gleason #22, hydraulic chucking, index plates, gears, 90 degree angle, #20758

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Gleason
Model: -22
Stock #: 20758
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Dealer Information
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Gibbs Machinery Co
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Warren, MI 48089-3160

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Detailed Product Description


Hydraulic Chucking
Index Plates


Machine Capacity:
Longest Cone Distance:11"
Largest Pitch Angle: 90 deg.
Smallest Pitch Angle (without chamfering or burring attachments):45 deg.
Largest Pitch Diameter:-1 to 1 Ratio:15 1/2"
12 to 1 Ratio:22"
Largest Pitch (diametral):1 1/2 D.P.
Maximum Face Width:4"
Index Range(number of teeth):31 to 78
Feed (seconds per tooth):5 to 40
Work Spindle:
Diameter of Tapered Nose(large end):6 7/8"
Length of Tapered Nose:3/4"
Taper Per Foot:1/2"
Diameter of Hole Through:2"
Spindle Nose to Center Line of Machine:4 1/2" to 8"
Diameter:9", 12", 18"
Cutter Speeds:100 to 150
Main Motor:10 H.P., 1800 R.P.M.
Floor Space: 84" x 103"
Weight:18,500 lbs.