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LASERS, CNC (Also See Plasma Cutters/Punches, CNC)

Amada #FOL3015NT, 4500 watt, Fanuc NT, 121" X, 61" Y, 3.94" Z, 2006

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Amada
Model: FOL3015NT
Watt: 4500
Stock #: 6320
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Dealer Information
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Detailed Product Description

          AMADA F0L-3015 NT 4500 WATT CNC LASER CUTTER
MFG Date: 2006

New 24000 Turbo, Vacuum and Optics installed installed at 31926 hrs
Total Hours Approximately 32,950 hrs

1.1 Motion Package
Travel Method: Stationary table, X, Y and Z-axis movement for cutting
Control Method:   X, Y and Z simultaneous 3 axis control
Drive Motors:   Fanuc AC servo motors
Maximum Sheet Size:  61" (Y) x 121" (X)
Maximum Axis Travel:  61" (Y) x 121" (X) x 3.94" (Z) *
Maximum Axis Positioning Speed: 9,450 inches per minute (240m/min) X & Y
Maximum Total Speed    13.386 inches per minute 45o vector. *
Maximum Speed Z-Axis:  4,725 inches per minute
Maximum Cutting Speed  2,360 inches per minute
Positioning Accuracy:  0.0004"/20"
Maximum Material Weight: 1,500 lbs.
Assist Gas:   4 ports with NC pressure Control
Machine Footprint:  385" x 107"
Machine Weight:   34,250 lbs
Electrical Requirement:  208V, 3 Phase, 60Hz,
1.2 CNC Controller
Model:    Fanuc NT
Display:    LCD Color Graphics Display
Minimum Command Unit:  0.0001" (X, Y, Z)
Minimum Travel Unit:  0.0001" (X, Y, Z)

Operating Modes:  Automatic, MDI and Manual
Display Modes:
Program Contents, Position Information, Program Check, Settings, Parameters, Beam Diameter Compensation, Assist Gas Status, Self Diagnostics Interlock Displays
Cooling Water Status, Gas Pressure Status, Vacuum Status, Turbo Blower Malfunction, Shutter Status, Beam Power, Resonator Discharge, Door Open, WACS.
High speed Shuttle Table
Torit Dust Collector
* Processing Speeds may Differ
* Specifications subject to change

          Sheet Width: 60"
          Sheet Length: 120"
          Wattage: 4500 Watts
          IPM: 13,386 X & Y simultaneous
          X axis travel: 121"
          Y Axis Travel: 61"
          Z Axis Travel: 3.94"
          Control Type: Fanuc NT