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24" W x 36" L x 14" H, Ipsen vacuum furnace, 5-bar, 2400°F, electric

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General Specifications

Wide/Dia.: 24.00"
Deep/Long: 36.00"
High: 14.00"
Manufacturer: Ipsen
Degrees: 2400°F
Stock #: V-1138
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Dealer Information
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Heat Treat Equipment Co
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Canton, MI 48188

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Detailed Product Description

Manufacturer:        Ipsen
Type:        Rectangular Horizontal Vacuum Furnace
Model:        VTC-324-R – 5 Bar
Condition:        1985, excellent condition
Load Area:        24″ wide x 36″ long x 14″ high
Maximum Temp:        2400°F (uniform within ± 10°F
Ultimate Pressure:        10-3 Torr range
Maximum Load:        800 pounds gross
Heating Elements:        Graphite, one (1) zone
Thermocouples:        Nickel/Moly-Nickel
Electrical:        460V / 3-Phase / 60Hz
Heating:        112.5 KW, graphite elements
Cooling Fan:        2-speed: 125 HP/31 HP at 3600/1800 RPM
Insulation:        Rigid graphite board with coated hot face
       backed by graphite felt
       molybdenum shields in critical areas
Other:        Extensive spare parts
       Additional new Stokes pump
       Many new hot zone OEM parts
      Temp Control:        Honeywell UMC 800 (updated 2000)
      Vacuum Control:       Recorder/Controller with partial pressure point
      Mechanical Pump:        Stokes 212, 150 CFM (70 l/s) – 2 HP
      Booster Pump:        Stokes 310, 400 CFM (185 l/s) – 7.5 HP
Cooling Modes:
      Vacuum:        700 Torr N2 gas backfill
      Recirculation:       700 Torr, 2, 3, 4, or 5 bar positive pressure
      Vacuum:        700 Torr N2 gas backfill
      Recirculation:       700 Torr, 2, 3, 4, or 5 bar positive pressure