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PRESSES, DOUBLE AND/OR TRIPLE ACTION (Also See Presses, Hydraulic, Double Action)

60 Ton, Minster #DAS-60-52X32, double action shell press, 35°inclined, 25" SH, 100-200 SPM

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General Specifications

Ton: 60
Manufacturer: Minster
Model: DAS-60-52 X32
Stroke: 25"
Shut Height: 25"
Stock #:
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Dealer Information
Greg Cole
7656 Georgetown Rd
Louisville, OH 44641

Contact: Greg Cole
Tel: 330-575-9982
Gold Level Dealer Since 2017

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Detailed Product Description

60 Ton, DAS-60-52 x 32 Minster Double Action Shell Press-Inclined 35 Degrees Shut height, outer slide, stroke down, Adj. up on bed, 25"
Shut height, inner slide, stroke down, Adj. up on bed 27.38"
Thickness of bolster plate, 5"
Area of slide, outer, R-L, F-B 52" x 32"
Area of slide, inner, R-L, F-B 28" x 16"
Area of bed, R-L F-B 52" x 32"
Area of bolster, R-L F-B 52" x 20"
Angular stroke displacement between the two slides, outer slide leads by 25 degrees.
Opening in bed, R-L, F-B, 40" x 12"
Upright opening, 16"
Strokes per minute. 100 - 200 SPM

This machine New with the Minster Feed System was over $950,000.00
We are looking for $225,000.00 with the Die Set included.

This machine never got released to the can production world, it was purchased new by Redicon and used to prototype new dies and feed systems. It has a Minster feed system for 209 blanking forms and the last 209 10 out new die is still in the machine. Request Quote

Gregg Cole
7656 Georgetown Rd.,
Louisville, Ohio 44641 United States

E-Mail Address:

Telephone: 330-575-9982