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Gleason #523, angular bevel tester, 0-180°shaft angle, 20" OD, 6" bore, well tooled, 1971

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Gleason
Model: 523
Stock #: gh1025
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Detailed Product Description

Model No. 523 Gleason Universal Angular Bevel Gear Tester

S/N: 679905                  New: 1971

Air-Actuated Mechanical Brake. Universal Guards. Ammeter For Measuring Brake Load. Drive Spindle Bore 6"X 3/4" Taper (#60) X 2-1/2" Long. Brake Spindle Bore 3-29/32" X 39/64". Taper #39 X 3" Long. Manual Chucking With Draw-Rods For Both Heads. Full Complement Of Electrics (Motors/Controls) For 220/440 Volt, 3-Phase 50/60 Cycles. Digital Angular Backlash Display. Test Cycle Timer. Selector For Drive And Brake Spindle Rotation Same/Opposite. Pinion Cone, Gear Cone, Offset Axis Resets. Vernier Scales. Large Assortment Of Arbors.

Maximum Outside Diameter Gear At 90° Shaft Angle      20" (508mm)
Maximum Center Distance For Spurs      10" (250mm)
Range Of Shaft Angles      0 - 180°
Range Of Brake Torque      0-40 Ft.-Lbs
Drive Spindle Vertical Offset       /- 4.5" (114.3mm)
Nose Of Drive Spindle From Machine Centerline Max.      16" (406.4mm)
Nose Of Drive Spindle From Machine Centerline Min.      4" (101.6mm)
Nose Of Brake Spindle From Machine Centerline: Max      -5" (127mm)
Nose Of Brake Spindle From Machine Centerline: Min.      13" (330.2mm)
Drive Spindle Speed      800 RPM
Drive Spindle Taper Dia.      6" (152mm)
Drive Spindle Taper Per Ft.      75" (19.05mm)
Depth Of Drive Spindle Taper      2.5" (63.5mm)
Diameter Of Drive Spindle Thru-Hole      5" (127mm)
Brake Spindle Taper Diameter      3-29/32" (99.22mm)
Brake Spindle Taper Per Ft.      39/64" (15.48mm)
Depth Of Brake Spindle Taper      3" (76.2mm)
Diameter Of Thru-Hole      5" (63.5mm)
Main Motor 60 Hz (50 Hz)      5 HP 1800RPM (1500 Rpm)
Machine Floor Space      64"X 83"(1630x2210mm)
Machine Overall Height      78" (1890mm)
Machine Approx. Net Weight      10,000 Lbs(4,536 Kgs)